What stretches do you do preclass?

I try to come to class 10-15 minutes to stretch.  I see all types of stretching exercises, what do you do?

Calories burned during class

I have read that the range of calories burned during practice can span 300-1000 calories.  I did some math and I average about 580 a session.  The equation is (METS * 3.5 * Weight in kg/200) * Duration of activity.  MET is metabolic equivalent of task which is 6.  The conversion for MET and lb makes the MET to 2.73.  So (2.73*3.5*135/200)*90= 580.  I found this on ehow.com.  It also says that it is an approximation.  Not bad though considering it would take me almost 6 miles to burn this.

But remember it is about mind, soul and then body.  What do you think about it?

My Hot Yoga Journal Blog



Welcome to my oneness journey.  After practicing yoga for years, I am convinced that Bikram, Hot Yoga is the best to align mind and body.  You will understand when you go to class even for the first time.  My website is to catalog my journey with all of you and this blog’s intention is to share and learn from my fellow yogis.

Namaste-peace, abundance and joy to you all

Tricks of the trade, do you have any others?

I had to post this one, what do you do to continue your practice if you are traveling? I have offered some best sharing in my diary, www.whatishotyoga.com, take a peek.
For traveling, I did purchase an audio tape of Bikram and it is pretty cool because I can continue my yoga and heat up my room, obviously it gets warm not hot enough.

What do you think about the temperature?

I understand that 105 is the standard to mimic the atmosphere in India. However, I often wonder if the heat/humidity is necessary? I have read that the heat can range from 80-105 and if there are so many people in class (30 sometimes) the temperatures can get so high..I brought my husband for the first time and he really struggled. What do you think and what temperature/humidity would you prefer?

hot yoga vs bikram?

I have done both practices and there are a bit of differences. For the similarities, they are 26 poses, 90 minutes in hot hot heat. The differences is some of the moves especially at the beginning warm up stages, the number of sets and instructors. I have had instructors allow us to sit down to drink water while in Bikram, we had to stand to sip our water during any standing series. The training is also different, that is their credentialling, 5 weeks hot vs 9 weeks Bikram, do you think that matters? Which have you tried and which do you like better?